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The Face of A Healthy Dental Lifestyle

Danine Fresch Gray, DDS | Clarendon Dental Arts

“Our ‘Mouth, Mind and Body’ tagline has embraced our unique gentleness and spirit of relationship building for 20+ years,” says Dr. Fresch Gray. “It embodies patient empowerment to make dentistry part of their overall health plan.”

“Your mouth is part of your body and health means more than simply the absence of disease. Our team helps patients acquire a solid plan for a lifetime of dental health, not just the next six months.”

Rather than treating patients reactively, scientific advances and techniques enable conservative and proactive treatment options. In a full dental physical, Dr. Fresch Gray looks for more than cavities and gum disease. She and her team determine the ‘whys’ behind dental challenges and help patients understand tools they can use to develop long-term plans for health.