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The Face of South Arlington Real Estate

Tonya McKee Finlay, Realtor | Neighborhood Real Estate, LLC

More than a Realtor just making deals, Tonya ensures the deal she makes is the best possible one for you. Her boutique brokerage sits atop one of South Arlington’s most sought-after hamlets at the corner of Arlington Ridge Road and 23rd St. South. From that vantage point, she skillfully counsels buyers, sellers and renters to make sound real estate decisions in primarily Arlington’s 22202 and surrounding neighborhoods.

Her service-oriented approach, negotiating experience and proven ability to develop individualized house-hunting and house-selling strategies sets her apart. She is also a generous supporter of local schools, charities and organizations.

Tonya has called South Arlington home for over 25 years. Her passion for helping each client achieve their goals in a neighborhood she loves and lives in makes her the real deal!