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Falls Church Periodontics & Dental Implant Center

Mehrdad Favagehi, DDS, MS, Cert. Perio | Lourdes Ann Christopher, DDS, MS, Cert. Perio
313 Park Ave., Suite 103
Falls Church Virginia 22046

Drs. Christopher and Favagehi met while pursuing their Master of Science in Oral Biology at Ohio State University. Board-certified specialists in periodontics and dental implant surgery by the American Board of Periodontology, they’ve co-owned their practice for 20+ years. Patients are accepted through referrals from general dentists or by calling the office to schedule a consultation.

Q: What made you decide to become a dentist? 

A: We both had dentists in our family and worked as dental assistants while in high school—and even earlier. Spending so much time in a dental office, we were enamored by the opportunities dentists have to help people in so many ways on a daily basis. Now, as specialists, we often work with our patients’ primary dentists to address intricate dental issues that have significantly impacted patients’ quality of life. We look forward, each day, to helping patients tackle their fears and frustrations and overcome their complex dental challenges so they can enjoy their new beautiful, healthy smiles. 

Q: How would your patients describe you? 

A: Caring and easy to talk to. As a husband-and-wife team, our partnership lays the foundation for a practice where everyone is treated like family. We love building trusting relationships with our patients to ensure they feel comfortable in our office.

Q: What is one thing your patients should know about you?

A: We’re both teachers. We believe that to truly master a subject, you should teach it, which helps us explain even the most complicated treatments to our patients so they can understand and make informed decisions. Dr. Christopher has served as a clinical instructor at several universities, including the University of Maryland Dental School and Virginia Commonwealth University. Dr. Favagehi has been widely recognized for his work as a part-time clinical instructor at VCU for 25 years. Both doctors are active presenters at many dental meetings in the U.S. and abroad.