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Flavio W. Nasr, DDS

Crystal City Dental Care
2800 Crystal Drive, Suite 320
Arlington Virginia 22202

Q: What is one thing your patients should know about you?

A: Although I have been practicing for 34 years, I am still super excited about what I do. I take pride in offering optimal dental care that positively impacts my patients’ overall health, renews confidence in their smiles and adds joy to their lives.

Q: How do you employ new technology to help your patients?

A: With technology, latest doesn’t always mean greatest. I enjoy keeping up with new technological advances regularly. I ask a series of questions before incorporating new technology, including “Is this truly better?” “Is this technology ‘battle-tested’ in the real world?” “Will my patients truly benefit from it?” I will implement the new technology only when I’m satisfied with the answers. We use 3D scanners, Invisalign, soft tissue lasers for gum treatment, latest generation dental implant restorations, advanced porcelains for crowns and cosmetic treatment, Velscope fluorescence for oral cancer screening and more.