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Focal Point Homes

6756 Old McLean Village Drive, Suite 100
McLean Virginia 22101
703-356-1231 (o) | 571-721-9546 (c)

Focal Point Homes relentlessly seeks continual improvement through the regular setting of goals; however, company founder Scott Murray says the most important goal above all others is that every team member “treat others like they would like to be treated themselves.”

Founded in 2010, Focal Point Homes is a McLean, VA based custom home builder whose reputation for delivering beautifully-crafted homes and superior customer experiences continues to grow. The team recently started work on its 260th home, so they possess a deep understanding of both the business and the local market.

The company was founded in 2010 by Scott Murray and J.C. Richards. Murray holds a BS in construction management from Brigham Young University and an MBA from the Harvard Business School. He spent twelve years at two national home builders, including four as a division president overseeing operations in three states. Richards graduated from the Wharton School and had over thirty years of real estate development experience. Today, Murray still leads the company along with company president Jeff Jardine, who joined Focal Point in 2014 after having first earned a master’s degree in accountancy from BYU and then having spent seven years with Deloitte.

Arlington Magazine has named Focal Point Homes one of its “Best Places to Work” every year that its annual survey of businesses has been conducted. Company founder Murray believes that “this is primarily because the company has, since its inception, held an unwavering commitment to very selectively building a team of individuals whose educational backgrounds, work experience and commitment to doing the right thing are unparalleled in the industry.” His team members truly enjoy working with and feel inspired by one another—and clients thoroughly enjoy associating with people of such high caliber as well.