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Genetics & IVF Institute

Sarah Crumbley, RN, Dr. Abbaa Sarhan, Dr. Laurence Udoff, Dr. Harvey Stern, Mary Sands, Ms, CGC
3015 Williams Drive
Fairfax Virginia 22031

For over 35 years, the Genetics & IVF Institute has been a pioneer in reproductive technology and genetics. Their trailblazing medical breakthroughs shaped modern fertility treatments and continue to pave the way for future innovations. The practice, led by Dr. Abbaa Sarhan, Dr. Laurence Udoff and Dr. Harvey Stern, offers patients the best in comprehensive and personalized reproductive care.

GIVF is the only local fertility practice that houses a preimplantation genetic testing lab, as well as donor sperm and donor egg banks, on-site. GIVF physicians are board certified in reproductive endocrinology or medical genetics and backed by a highly experienced and dedicated group of nurses, patient care coordinators and support staff. By focusing on quality and the needs of the patient, GIVF provides the compassionate care and excellent treatment each patient deserves.

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