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Goodwin House, Inc.

From Left: Josh Bagley, Taneisha Hampton, Mary Lee Payton, Andy Siegel, Catie Ramos, Remi (dog, center)
4800 Fillmore Ave.
Alexandria Virginia 22311

Q: I want to plan for the care I’ll need as I age, but I’d like to stay in my home. What are my options?

A: Excellent question! Many people know about our Goodwin House Life Plan Communities in Alexandria and Falls Church (Bailey’s Crossroads). Fewer people know about Goodwin House at Home (GHAH), our innovative program for active, healthy, older adults who want to stay home as they age. Modeled after the care and services we’ve provided since 1967, GHAH brings the benefits of a continuing care community right to your doorstep—it is the only program of its kind in Northern Virginia.
Mary Lee Payton became a member of GHAH before becoming a resident of one of our communities. She says she enjoyed the peace of mind knowing that if she needed care, GHAH would be there to coordinate and offset the costs. “GHI staff like Josh, Taneisha, Andy and Catie are true partners, working with me to make a long-term plan,” says Payton. “They make me feel like family.”

Q: What makes Goodwin House special?

A: We offer the full range of care and services, whether you stay in your home or move to one of our communities. We seek to be your partner. Every team member at Goodwin House takes the time to listen carefully to what you want and explore ways to make that happen for you. Also, we’re firm believers in the idea that age is just a number. We’re all engaged in the process of aging, and that process is one we embrace and welcome. Whether we’re in our 30s, 40s, 50s, 60s … or even our 90s, we are in this together and enjoy every moment of it. We actively pursue ways to apply our career passions to our organizational vision of expanding the places and ways we serve older adults.