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Goodwin Living

Nina Rakotoarisoa, Executive Chef; Mike Molino, Resident; Brian Patterson, Culinary Innovation and Development Chef, Robin Norman, Director of Dining Services
4800 Fillmore Ave.
Alexandria, VA Virginia 22311

“Food is essential. When you live on a senior living campus, you want variety. We get that here!”

Q: What makes food and dining unique at Goodwin Living?

A: Brian Patterson: Our holistic approach to health and wellness applies to everything we do, including dining services. We work together with resident committees to gain insights about what residents want, and our team includes dietitians, chefs and cooks who ensure our food options are delicious and nutritious. 

Mike Molino: Food is essential. When you live on a senior living campus, you want variety. We get that here!

Q: How do you develop menus and meal options? 

A: Nina Rakotoarisoa: Our culinary team comes from many different countries and cultures, and we bring those influences into our menu planning. We develop dishes that range from home-cooked American standards to international dishes that reflect our African, European, Asian and South American backgrounds. 

Brian Patterson: We also work closely with our dietitians. They ensure our menus are balanced and healthy, and they consult individual residents who seek expert guidance as they manage special dietary needs. 

Q: What makes Goodwin Living unique?

A: Robin Norman: As someone who works here, I appreciate the collaborative spirit we have among team members and residents. We develop close bonds that help us come together to celebrate good times and navigate the challenges, like those we experienced during the pandemic. It’s an incredibly special place to work.

Mike Molino: Residents truly have a voice, and we are heard. Resident councils and committees can effect change, which means a lot to us.