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Greg Maurer, Josh Newfield and Scott Evans

Commonwealth Restorations
2430 S. Kenmore St.
Arlington Virginia 22206

Do you specialize in a certain type of project?

We have extensive experience with just about any type of design and construction project you can imagine—from working in the confines of your existing footprint to additions of all sizes and scopes. We often tell clients, “You’ve already paid for the square footage of your house, so let’s get the most out of it.” We do many additions, but very often we can build up, rejuvenate and reconfigure our clients’ existing space, and we’re able to meet their goals without having to build a new foundation. Whether their home is eight days new or 80 years old, we help our clients fix whatever isn’t working by making functional changes to fit their lifestyle.

How do you work with clients who are concerned about budget constraints?

We’re highly skilled at working within our clients’ budget and thinking creatively about how to make their space more livable. The best solution isn’t always the most expensive solution. We help clients prioritize their projects and if it is best for them, we will complete their wish list in phases. It’s all about working toward a common goal and ultimately creating a space that they’ll be happy with for years to come.

Many clients ask us whether or not they should just buy another house rather than renovate. It really comes down to a value statement: If you like your neighborhood and you are happy with the schools, why not put all the money you would spend on moving into renovating your existing space? We can help you get what you want right where you are.


Kitchens, Bathrooms, Screened Porches, Patios,
Pop-Top Additions, Additions, Whole-Home Rejuvenation