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hŌm salon

Carissa Lawlor, Owner
2020 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington Virginia 22201

hOˉm salon opened its doors in May 2021 and offers luxury beauty services, including hair cutting, coloring, styling and brow shaping. Its talented stylists are highly educated in current trends and enjoy collaborating with clients to create their vision. hOˉm specializes in blonding, natural coloring techniques and easy-to-maintain styles.

Q: What makes hŌm salon different from other salons?

A: hŌm salon is a collaborative space. Our stylists love working together, and guests benefit from their complementary talents. This collaborative system enables us to tailor our customer service to each client while providing transparent pricing and flexibility. We are also committed to delivering guest experiences that reflect our salon’s values: integrity, collaboration and fun. We offer an inclusive environment where everyone is encouraged to be themselves.

Q: What does community mean to you, and how does it affect how you run your salon? 

A: Our clients are ambitious, talented and unique individuals, and we feel genuinely excited to celebrate them as they accomplish their goals. Additionally, we work with local businesses, building a network of trusted individuals who share our community values. Community means offering a safe space for all.

Q: How can a new haircut/color/style change your outlook?

A: Your reflection in the mirror has the power to change how you feel about yourself and the world around you. As stylists, we know that. We know the weight of what we do by the emotions connected to how we see ourselves. Outer beauty isn’t most important, but seeing yourself as beautiful adds to self-confidence and happiness. 

Q: What does your partnership with Green Circle Salons entail?

A: hŌm salon is passionate about reducing its environmental impact to create a safe and sustainable life for future generations. Partnering with Green Circle Salons, hŌm recycles 90 percent of its salon waste, which is turned into new products and clean energy.