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James Lo Monaco and Tim Lo Monaco

Paul’s Best Lawn Service, Inc.
2880 Hartland Road
Falls Church Virginia 22043

What are the benefits of combining maintenance and mowing services in one package?

Our company has been serving the Arlington area since 1978. Over the years, we’ve learned the importance of providing turf care and mowing services in conjunction with one another because they have a substantial effect on each other. The weeding and the fertilizing are just as important as the mowing, because mowing is a part of the process of growing grass. If you’re using a dull blade or you’re not mowing your lawn properly, your turf care efforts won’t be as effective. And if you’re not maintaining your lawn the right way, it won’t grow like you want it to. We do the full spectrum of turf care, both preventative and curative. We’ve combined all of these services into one package so we’ll have more control over every aspect of the growing environment. This allows us to stand behind our work and ensure that we’re providing our clients with the best possible lawn care available.

How important is sustainability to you?

When we bought the company from our father in 2013, we really started focusing on sustainable turf care. We now use a reduced amount of harmful pesticides and we put out around 40-50 percent less chemical fertilizer than most other companies. We have an agronomist on staff and we use a carbon-based fertility program. This is a ground-up approach, meaning instead of focusing on the plant, we focus on the dirt. We do soil testing every year. Based on those results, we’ve removed a lot of the synthetic products in our turf care and we’ve focused on using more minerals. This is a safer option for pets and kids and it’s easier on the environment. We’ve made sustainability a priority because it’s better for everyone, both now and in the long run.


Arlington Magazine Winner, Best Lawn Service 2017; Arlington Magazine Top Vote-Getter 2015; Angie’s List Super Service Award Winner