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Jeffrey L. Brown, DDS, MBA

Sleep & TMJ Therapy
2841 Hartland Road, Suite 301, Falls Church, VA
Virginia 22043

Dr. Brown is a graduate of Georgetown Dental School and an international speaker for TMD. He is a Fellow of the American Academy of Craniofacial Pain, an ALF InterFace Legacy Provider, and holds memberships with many academies. His extensive knowledge in the combined fields of TMJ, sleep, osteopathy and orthodontics gives him a unique perspective.

Q: What is one thing patients should know about your practice? 

A: We focus solely on treating craniofacial disorders and sleep-related issues. Limiting my practice to these areas of care allows me to concentrate on what I do best: offer patients effective alternatives to pain medication or surgery. Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction (TMJ/TMD) is an internal balance of the jaw joints that can create discomfort throughout the body, including popping, clicking, limited mouth opening, ringing in the ears, headaches, even neck and back pain. We treat these conditions using appliance therapy, which takes the pressure off the joints and allows the discs to move back into the correct place, leveling the cranium and achieving internal balance and symmetry. 

For sleep issues, we use customized dental appliances that promote healthier breathing by supporting the jaw and opening the airway, reducing such symptoms as snoring, interrupted breathing, fatigue, irritability and headaches. 

Q: What brings you the most satisfaction in your work? 

A: I love helping people get their lives back. Chronic pain can drastically affect one’s personality and impede quality of life. Every day, we see patients who feel hopeless, have been in pain for years and have seen doctor after doctor but are still searching for answers. Our work transforms patients’ lives by providing solutions for long-term pain.

Q: What makes your patient experience unique?

A: We take “concierge” customer service to a new level. TMD and sleep apnea affect the whole body. We value teamwork and often confer with other specialists to help discover the root of a patient’s symptoms, uncovering the underlying cause.