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Joshua Erlich

The Erlich Law Office
2111 Wilson Blvd., Suite 700
Arlington, Virginia 22201

Q: How did you get started in civil rights law?
A: Originally, I was working at a class action firm, but I wanted more client contact. With a class action, you may represent 40,000 people, but you rarely speak to any of them.
In 2012, I started my firm and I’ve worked closely with hundreds of clients since then. I get to spend my time talking to people about their problems and trying to use the law to get them some justice—whether they’ve been fired unfairly, subject to police violence, or otherwise hurt by individuals in power.

Q: What is keeping you busy right now?
A: Over the last two years, Virginia has completely overhauled its employee rights laws. New laws allow for Virginians to pursue wage and overtime claims. We have a paid leave law for home health care workers. Our discrimination laws now cover sexual orientation and gender expression. We’ve outlawed non-competition agreements for low-wage workers. And we finally have a private sector whistleblower law so you can’t be fired for reporting illegal activity to your supervisor or to the government. We’re busy every day fighting for rights that Virginians did not have eighteen months ago.

We also have a busy docket of COVID-19 related cases that arise from workplaces not following safety standards or firing workers because they got sick. And we’re always busy with endemic issues: workplace violence, sexual assaults, and racial discrimination and violence.
We just try to help where we can.


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