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Close Partners

Karen Close, Candee Currie
5904 Washington Blvd.
Arlington Virginia 22205
Century 21 New Millennium
Karen: 703-517-9477 Candee: 703-203-6005

“It’s not only how much you know, it’s also about how much you care.” Karen and Candee are savvy professionals who care about how they do business and they care about you.

Q: What’s your approach to real estate and to working with clients?

A: Karen: It’s a simple one. I tell our clients: “This is about you, not me. We are looking for a home to fit you and your life, not mine. We are selling your home (one that you know), not mine.” That means we have a common purpose—YOU. It also means when Candee and I meet with clients, we do a little more asking than telling.

Q: How has your new partnership affected your business?

A: Karen: It just made it better—two working for you is better than one! We’re hometown gals with 70 years of combined local knowledge. We offer teamwork from the team that works!

Candee: Karen and I both have a strong work ethic—and we’re problem-solvers. That’s important because every transaction is different. A big part of our job is working through the issues and finding effective solutions.

Q: How is real estate changing?

A: Candee: Technology is increasingly important. But it can only do so much. We combine technology’s benefits with a personal touch, taking care of the details, understanding the market, and working hard and creatively for our clients.

Karen: With Candee and me, our clients have partners who have been there before, who have their best interests at heart and who know the market. Helping someone achieve their goals—to find their dream home or to sell their current home under the terms that are satisfying to them is hugely satisfying. And we love it!

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