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Ken Matzkin

Buck & Associates
2519 Wilson Blvd.
Arlington Virginia 22201
Ken Matzkin
703-528-2288, x118

“As I near retirement, I’m motivated most greatly by transferring the knowledge I’ve gained over 24 years in this occupation to my colleagues who are interested in accepting it.”

Q: What is the most significant change in real estate during your career?

A: The advent and rapid growth of online shopping, now heightened by the COVID epidemic, has diminished the need for operating space by many kinds of retail enterprises. This has, in turn, greatly reduced the need for that element of my services. COVID has also dampened the need for office space, at least in the near term. It is unclear if, when this pandemic has (at least substantially) subsided, the demand for office space outside of the home will return to previous levels or remain at a lower level. If curtailed, how much lower will it be? Recent surveys indicate that it is very likely that the demand for office space will not rebound to pre-pandemic levels for at least the foreseeable future.

Q: How would your clients describe you?

A: I believe my greatest strength, valued by most clients, is my willingness to “go the extra mile.” Commercial real estate agencies typically operate during the normal Monday to Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. business hours. As my clients are often consumed with running their own, typically small businesses, I work according to their individual availabilities and needs. Moreover, I keep up with communications: What spaces are still available, which are not; why some are not appropriate for the client’s need, why others may be better.  My clients appreciate that I serve primarily as their partner in seeing that their space needs are met.

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