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Kimberleigh Boswell

Color Wheel
1374 Chain Bridge Road
McLean Virginia 22101

Kimberleigh Boswell’s passion for home décor began when she first worked at Color Wheel during high school, assisting customers with paint colors. Her keen eye for color and affinity with clients steered Kimberleigh toward her future. She was inspired by the process and interior design became her career goal. Today, she is well-versed in all aspects of home decor: rugs, flooring, drapery, blinds, shutters, wall coverings and custom furniture. 

After growing up immersed in home décor, she furthered her design education at the Art Institute of Washington. She graduated in 2013 with a BA in Fine Arts, with a focus on interior design.

Kimberleigh is proficient at assisting clients with all aspects of home decor, be it one room or the entire house. Her talent allows her to realize the client’s vision by utilizing her experience and intuition.

“I have no set style. I listen to the homeowner and design to meet their needs and requirements, while striving to stay within their budget. Watching my clients’ excitement as their home is transformed brings me great satisfaction.”

Color Wheel was established in 1965 by her great-grandparents. Kimberleigh carries on Color Wheel traditions as a fourth-generation family member, working alongside her mother and father. In addition to her décor pursuits, Kimberleigh is also raising Color Wheel’s fifth generation. She has two young children at home and coaches youth soccer.

Kimberleigh is simply a breath of fresh air when it comes to decorating and design. She brings the process to your level and is incredibly thoughtful when it comes to your time, your style and your finances. She makes you feel hopeful when you are overwhelmed, confident when you are indecisive and joyful when you are done, although you want to start another project with her soon after! 
—Amy O. in Arlington