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Lisa A.K. Kirchenbauer, CFP®, RLP®, CeFT®

Omega Wealth Management
200 N. Glebe Road, Suite 730
Arlington Virginia 22203
703-387-0919 ext. 1002

What makes you different from others in your profession?

Though I’m a financial planner by original training, our work has become inspired and focused on helping people successfully navigate through significant life transitions: retirement, divorce, death, business sale or major career change. Our fee structure allows us to begin working with clients in anticipation of a transition before the money has arrived—when planning is really needed. Most advisors can only step in once the event has happened and the money has arrived for them to manage.

As a Certified Financial Transitionist®, I’ve been rigorously trained and tested in everything from the psychological impact of change to the listening skills needed to be effective in supporting clients. We bring special tools to help carefully guide clients toward what’s important and how best to get there. “When money changes, life changes and when life changes, money changes.” (Susan Bradley, CFP®, CeFT®)