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Lynn Heinrichs

Insurance agent, CLU®
6842 Elm St., Suite 101
McLean Virginia 22101
State Farm

The Veterans Day event will be held at the Sharon Masonic Temple the week of Nov. 8. Email Rotarian Lynn Heinrichs at lynn@lynnhenrichs.com or mcleanrotary.org for more information on how to honor your heroes. Rotary is a global network of 1.2 million people collaborating to make our world a better place.

Q: What woman inspires you and why?

A: Before Covid-19, I was inspired by women I’ll never know personally—women I read about, saw on television or followed on social media. I’ve found new heroines during these challenging times, and I’m thankful that nine of them agreed to meet me in front of the McLean & Tysons Rotary Clubs’ fundraiser, “Flags for Heroes.” These women are business owners who inspire me to try harder, be a good neighbor and to never give up.

I’m lucky to be affiliated with a large Fortune 500 company like State Farm, especially during this pandemic. While many of my small business owner friends have been severely impacted by Covid, their resilience is beyond admirable. I’m so fortunate to call these women—Elda Diaz (primasalonandspa.com), Sun Lee (washingtoninteriors.com), Gina Ferrell (primasalonandspa.com), Jennifer Nguyen (mintnaillounge.com), Sandra Panetta (sweetbitescafe.com), Kerstin Stitt (facebook.com/KerstinStittRealEstate), Pamela Danner (dannerandassociates.com), Dr. Lois Wilson (awilsonsmile.com), Cecilia Poon (ichibansushimclean.com)—my friends.

Q: What is Flags for Heroes?

A: Every Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Veterans Day, the Rotary Clubs of McLean & Tysons host this fundraising event in celebration of people who have shaped and inspired us. For $60 (one flag) or $100 (two flags), a flag will be placed to honor your hero. The attached medallion, which features your name alongside your hero’s name, is yours to keep when the flags come down. I dedicated 10 flags to my local heroes and would love to see 100-plus flags flying on Veterans Day.