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Manisha Grover, DDS

Clarendon Dental Arts
2700 Clarendon Blvd.
Arlington Virginia 22201

Dr. Grover graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University’s School of Dentistry. While there, she volunteered with Missions of Mercy, providing free dental care to underserved communities in rural Virginia, and she conducted research with the periodontics program. She then completed her residency with the New York Medical College at Metropolitan Hospital.

Q: What made you decide to become a dentist? 

A: I’ve loved art from an early age. From charcoal sketches to ceramic work, I’ve practiced in various mediums to hone my skills and continue improving the finer details of my work. In high school, I told my pediatric dentist I hoped to pursue a career in the arts. As a good student who enjoyed working with my hands, he suggested I consider dentistry. He invited me to volunteer at his practice and I immediately knew I had found my calling. My patients now uniquely benefit from dentistry’s symbiotic relationship between art and science, combining my knowledge and expertise with my skilled hands and artist’s eye for detail.  

Q: What is the one thing patients should know about your practice? 

A: We are committed to whole-body health and wellness. Your mouth is the gateway to your body and our “Mouth, Mind and Body” philosophy empowers patients to incorporate dentistry into their overall health plans. We invest in the latest tools and technology to offer much more than diagnoses—studying patients’ oral biomes uncovers a comprehensive picture that helps us craft customized treatment plans. Educating our patients every step of the way, we strive to create beautiful smiles and guide patients to achieving optimum overall health.

Q: What is the “All of You” total health and wellness assessment?

A: Sleep and breathing disorders stemming from improper oral cavity and jaw development can pose serious health risks. Our staff has trained extensively to screen for such issues. What these assessments reveal can be life-changing—and life-saving.