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Mary Leary

President and Chief Executive Officer, Mather
The Mather
7929 Westpark Drive
Tysons Virginia 22102

Mary’s 30+ years of experience in senior living, hospitality and health care guide Mather in expanding its leadership presence in senior living, community-based programs and research. She was named one of the International Council on Active Aging’s Top 5 Wellness CEOs in North America (2022) for her dedication to fostering thriving wellness cultures. 

Q: What are your top priorities? 

A: My top priorities are to help change people’s perceptions of aging, try new things and innovate. Mather is changing the image and narrative regarding senior living communities and the people who live and work within them, helping people recognize that senior living offers one of the best options for aging well. As such, we continue to identify and implement NextraordinaryTM communities, programs and services that enable people to live healthy and engaged lives. There are endless possibilities!

Q: Why do you do what you do? What motivates and inspires you? 

A: Walt Disney once said, “It’s kind of fun to do the impossible,” and that inspires me! Mather serves as an innovation incubator for “next practices,” with wellness at the heart of all we do—our mission is to create Ways to Age WellSM. I’m motivated by building consensus to achieve richer strategies; treating others with compassion, respect and fairness; seeking to eliminate impossibilities through creativity, tenacity and resilience; and striving to improve, enhance and transform. 

A: What do you love most about doing business in this area?

A: The dynamic energy and diverse cultures foster creative collaboration and unique ideas. We have incorporated this energy into our new community, The Mather in Tysons, through interior design with an international flair, unique artwork and sculptures from diverse artists and amenity space names celebrating various cultures. I also love Tysons’ “hipsturbia” vibe, where people can live and work in the heart of a vibrant, multi-generational urban location.