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Michael and Deborah Sauri

Trivistausa Design + Build
925 N. Garfield St., Suite 106
Arlington Virginia 22201

How have husband and wife team Michael and Deborah Sauri of TriVistaUSA Design + Build managed to thrive for over twenty years in the competitive Arlington design/build market? “Creative solutions rooted in a deep expertise in resource-efficient building techniques, joined with an understanding of our sometimes-challenging zoning regulations—all the while having fun,” says Michael. “Oh, and best of all, our primary focus: We do cool projects for cool people.”

The Sauris are pretty cool, themselves. Both are artists—Michael is a musician, Deborah is a designer. This provides them with a distinct advantage in their competitive industry. “We are a design/build firm with an emphasis on the design,” says Michael. “Our background in the fine arts has trained us to think things through carefully in advance. This benefits our clients because, when we get to the build phase, there is little chance of last-minute surprises.”

Deborah concurs. “Every project is unique—we don’t do cookie cutter,” she says. “Although we see every project as an artistic opportunity, we believe form follows function. The design should relate to the needs of our clients, whom we love delighting with custom-crafted solutions that fit their vision.”

The Sauris’ reputation has grown alongside their award-winning business. Widely recognized for their expertise, they are sought-after speakers at regional meetings and national conferences, board members for the local NARI chapter, and valued business advisors to other companies in the U.S. and Canada.

What has changed for the Sauris over their tenure in Arlington? As Michael explains, “Now we are given much larger and more complex opportunities to create entire new spaces for clients.” What remains the same is the artistic approach Deborah and Michael bring to everything they build.