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Michael B. Rogers, DDS

Fairlington Dental
4850 31st St. S., Suite A
Arlington, VA 22206

What is your professional/educational background?

I graduated with honors from Harvard University and received my dental degree from UCLA. I then completed a yearlong General Practice Residency—including rotations in plastic surgery, anesthesiology, emergency medicine and oral surgery—at Sepulveda Veteran’s Hospital in 1991, and I am on staff at Virginia Hospital Center. I believe continued learning is essential to helping our patients, using the latest techniques. I’ve completed thousands of hours in continuing education, more than 100 of them within the last year. As a result, our office can offer treatment for TMJ disorders, sleep apnea, orthodontics, dental implants and cosmetic dentistry.

How are you different from other dentists?

Dental school trains us to fix dental problems, but my experience has taught me the value of looking past simply what needs fixing. All my treatment plans start with a conversation. I want to know each patient’s priorities. Are they here for pain reduction? To avoid future pain? Or are they interested in something cosmetic? We customize treatment plans to each unique situation, and we are driven by patients’ wants and needs.

What is unique about your practice?

We strive to lead the way in bringing together medicine and dentistry in Northern Virginia. Our profession has long promoted the connection between oral and systemic health, but most medical professionals haven’t yet embraced the importance of this relationship. Recent research confirms a direct link between gum disease and cardiovascular disease—cardiologists should encourage patients to pursue preventative dental care. Though oral bacteria has been identified in the brains of Alzheimer’s patients, few neurologists incorporate oral health care in their treatment. We keep our patients educated on these links and hope to continue spreading the word around the medical community.