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Michael B. Rogers, DDS

Fairlington Dental
4850 31st St., Suite A
Arlington Virginia 22206

Arlington Topdentist 2022

Dr. Rogers graduated with honors from Harvard University and received his dental degree from UCLA. Achieving optimal oral health can be life changing. The Fairlington Dental team strives to create a partnership with each patient from the moment they walk through the door. “One of our greatest joys is helping patients smile again,” says Dr. Rogers.

Q: What made you decide to become a dentist?

A: My own childhood experiences with dentistry, both good and bad, led me to this profession. High fevers and the subsequent tetracycline treatment left my permanent teeth stained dark brown and missing most of their enamel. They also didn’t push out my baby teeth, so I went through serial extractions and had cavities on almost every tooth. Back then, even with novocaine, the entire experience was unpleasant. After a good experience with my orthodontist, I decided to become a dentist. Given my extensive journey as a dental patient, I can offer my patients a unique empathy.

Q: What makes you different from other dentists?

A: My specialties—jaw development and TMJ disorders and treatment, sleep apnea causes and treatments, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics—are all optional undertakings in general dentistry. But I find the most satisfaction in helping patients with such intricate issues, many of which I have also experienced. I have twice been treated with orthodontics, been through TMJ treatment, worn an oral device for sleep apnea for years, benefitted from cosmetic dentistry and I am currently undergoing jaw development treatment. In addition to eliminating my sleep apnea, this will prevent future TMJ and orthodontic issues.

Q: What is the most significant change in dentistry during your career? 

A: Over the past 3-4 years, we have begun focusing on overall—not just dental—health in the assessment and treatment of our patients. I believe this approach, Complete Health Dentistry, will soon be the new normal.