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Michael B. Rogers, DDS

Fairlington Dental
4850 31st St., Suite A
Arlington Virginia 22206

Dr. Rogers graduated with honors from Harvard University and received his dental degree from UCLA. Achieving optimal oral health can be life-changing. The Fairlington Dental team strives to create a partnership with each patient from the moment they walk through the door. “One of our greatest joys is helping patients smile again,” says Dr. Rogers.

Q: What is unique about your practice?

A: Our Complete Health approach to dentistry. We understand the direct link between oral and systemic health, and we treat our patients holistically, educating them on the importance of healthy dental habits to their overall health. Wellness plans always start with a conversation. I want to know each patient’s priorities. They are my partner in achieving their oral health goals. After a comprehensive assessment, I carefully explain my proposed wellness plan, specifically customized to meet each patient’s wants and needs. 

Q: What brings you the most satisfaction in your work? 

A: Finding solutions to my patients’ more complex dental issues, many of which I have also experienced. My extensive journey as a dental patient—high fevers as a child and the subsequent tetracycline treatment left my permanent teeth stained dark brown and missing most of their enamel—allows me to offer my patients a unique empathy. I love helping people be proud of their smiles again and seeing the positive impact my work can have on their quality of life. 

Q: What advice would you offer someone just starting out in your profession?

A: I would remind new dentists that finishing dental school is just a requirement to receive your license. This industry is ever-evolving and continuing education and training are essential. My specialties—jaw development and TMJ disorders and treatment, sleep apnea causes and treatments, cosmetic dentistry and orthodontics—are all optional undertakings in general dentistry. The more you learn, the more you will enjoy your career.