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Michelle Scott, Owner/Director

Left to right: Marilyn Z, Lead Instructor Michelle Scott, Owner/Director Jessyca W, Lead Instructor / Education Coordinator Katherine C, Assistant Enrollment Director (seated)
6228 Old Dominion Drive
McLean Virginia 22101
Tutoring Club of McLean
703-237-TUTOR (8886)
Tutoring Club of McLean provides individualized academic assistance to students of all ages and abilities. From early learning to college preparation, they are a dedicated partner for every step of the journey and a trusted member of the communities they serve. Their award-winning services help students become confident and self-motivated learners.

Q: What women inspire you and why?

A: I am inspired every day by the women I work with at Tutoring Club of McLean. Not only are they passionate and enthusiastic educators, but each of them brings something so unique to the table. I count myself lucky to work with a group of women who care just as much about the success of each student that passes through our halls as I do.

Q: How do you measure success?

A: For us, it’s all about the students. And success means something different for every student. We count it as a win when we see a student ace their first math test, raise their SAT score from a 1230 to a 1460, or when we hear from a parent that they are no longer getting into arguments over homework. In all of these scenarios, we see a newfound confidence blossom in our students and that lets us know that what we do is truly changing lives. It’s a priceless feeling!

Q: What are your top priorities?

A: Right now, our top priority is helping our students catch up, re-engage in their academics and prepare for the school year ahead. Many parents don’t realize that kiddos can lose up to 25% of the progress they made during the past school year over the course of a summer free of learning. We try to mitigate that loss by having the right programs, people and infrastructure in place to ensure our students continue learning and growing.