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Modern Jones

Heidi Ellenberger Jones, Principal Broker; Missy Schreiber Simons, Realtor, MRP
4730 N. 36th St.
Arlington Virginia 22207
Heidi: 703-915-6038 Missy: 703-801-8173

What sets Modern Jones apart from the competition?
What sets Modern Jones apart is the reason I started the company: We break the barriers of traditional brokerages by turning a home purchase into a turnkey process. We anchor the real-estate experience with client-focused support throughout the transaction and supplement the home ownership experience via a suite of ancillary services that can extend through the lifecycle of home ownership to bring ease and efficiency to everyday life.
Our clients rely on highly skilled professionals in different areas of their personal and professional lives. At Modern Jones, we have the ability to curate a lifestyle that is specific to each customer around their home.

What is the biggest challenge you regularly face in your job?
In a sea of real estate companies it is a challenge to distinguish one from another. Many of the real estate firms are focused on showcasing their technology and some even call themselves “technology firms.” We use technology as a tool to enhance our clients’ and agents’ experience. However, what makes Modern Jones unique is the client experience. What set us apart is that we are professionals dedicated to a higher level of service standards. Our busy clients are looking to hire professionals who will represent their best interests. We are committed to our advisory role, which goes beyond a single transaction. We educate our clients and cultivate our relationships to curate a lifestyle specifically for each.
Transactions have gotten more complicated with new regulations and buyers/sellers being pulled in a variety of directions in their fast-paced personal lives. Experience, superior service and good business acumen remain a differentiator in the sea of agents. People want value for their money and also expect their agent to be efficient with their time—and that’s exactly what Modern Jones delivers.

Broker in VA, D.C.
Consistently recognized as a Top Producer by NVAR, as well as Washingtonian and Northern Virginia magazines; Next Door Neighborhood Favorite 2018