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Montessori School of Northern Virginia

6820 Pacific Lane, Annandale, VA 22003
3435 Sleepy Hollow Road, Falls Church, VA 22044
3433 Rose Lane, Falls Church, VA 22042
3435 Sleepy Hollow Road
Falls Church Virginia 22044

For more than sixty years, generations of families have called the Montessori School of Northern Virginia (MSNV) home. Once a fledgling school of 14 students in 1962, MSNV is now a community of 275 students and spans three campuses in Annandale and Falls Church. As the oldest Montessori school in Virginia, MSNV has a steadfast commitment to the education of the whole child.

MSNV is expanding to include a middle school where adolescents can thrive. The program offers seventh and eighth grade students a thoughtful environment with experienced teachers who are attuned to students’ development and academic needs. Rigorous coursework allows students to cover a wide breadth of subjects, ranging from math and science to world languages and the humanities. Students participate in the planning of their coursework, including their creative and physical expressions. 

A Montessori middle school program integrates academic studies with real life experiences. Components of this curriculum include a student-run microeconomy teaching financial literacy, community service positions for students to learn how a social organization works and opportunities to do meaningful work, such as field studies, apprenticeships and internships. These real-life experiences leave students feeling worthy, confident and able, allowing them to express themselves—growing their sense of responsibility and independence as they find their place in the community. 

Grounded by its mission to guide children to love learning, to love one another and to love the world around them, MSNV continues educating the next generation of lifelong learners, independent thinkers, self-assured problem solvers and engaged global citizens.

Real life experiences leave students feeling worthy, confident and able.