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National Landing BID

From left: The inspiring women of the National Landing BID: Tracy Sayegh Gabriel, Cassie Bate Hurley, Mai Abdelaziz and Jasmine Gipson
National Landing Business Improvement District
2011 Crystal City Dr., Suite 205
Arlington Virginia 22202
Tracy Sayegh Gabriel President & Executive Director

The National Landing Business Improvement District (BID) promotes, activates and enhances the vibrancy of National Landing, Virginia’s largest downtown encompassing Crystal City, Pentagon City and Potomac Yard-Arlington. The BID is helping steward the area’s transformation to improve placemaking and enhance sustainability, diversity and livability for businesses, residents and visitors.

Q: What is the National Landing BID’s key to success?

A: People are both the foundation of any great organization and its most valuable resource. That rings particularly true here. I’m honored to work with a talented and committed group that has helped move the organization and business district forward. It’s important we continue building on this dynamic and invest in the next generation of leaders. Encouraging professional development opportunities, facilitating mentorship, and advancing diversity and equity are cornerstones of our organizational development.

Q: What will the BID focus on over the next year?

A: As with most downtowns nationwide, the pandemic’s impact and measures in place to stop the spread of COVID-19 have presented challenges for our residents, businesses and local institutions. The BID is proud to play an essential role in getting the community back up and running by helping our businesses adapt to new regulations and protocols. We aim to expand and enhance National Landing’s public spaces, allowing people to safely enjoy the outdoors, and we will continue to seek opportunities to infuse color and vibrancy into the streetscape as we did with the storefront murals of our #LoveNationalLanding initiative. We will also focus on expanding our organization and services to serve new portions of our district in Pentagon City and Potomac Yard-Arlington, as well as promote our new place brand.

Q: What inspires you?

A: My fascination with city building began during my childhood in New York City. I’m passionate about the built environment, sustainability and fostering great neighborhoods—cities should be places of inspiration, inclusion, equity and resilience.