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Omega Wealth Management

200 N Glebe Road, Suite 730
Arlington Virginia 22203
Lisa Kirchenbauer, CFP®, RLP®, Ceft®

What should your clients expect when they decide to work with you?

Our clients can expect a very unique and personalized experience. While we ask for all the same financial planning and investment data as other advisors, we take it a step further, spending time getting to know you, your communication preferences and your most important life goals. Through our innovative life planning process, the vision that emerges from these discussions drives the customized financial life plan and investment strategy that we create for you. If you are going through a significant life/business/financial transition, our experience, training and special tools help you navigate that transition more smoothly. For many business owners, it may be the first time anyone has taken the time to integrate their personal and business goals in a meaningful manner.

What gives you the most satisfaction in your daily work?

When we are able to help a client gain a deeper understanding of who they are and how they can leverage their strengths in conjunction with their financial resources—which enables them to accomplish a goal they thought wasn’t possible—we’ve done our work for the day! Opening up new possibilities for our clients, giving them permission to pursue less traditional goals and then seeing their delight and satisfaction in the results makes our work much more meaningful. We particularly enjoy working on complex planning strategies and coordinating with our clients’ other advisors to provide more complete and thorough advice. Helping our clients see the interdependence of investment decisions with financial planning, tax planning and their own personal goals can change what is the “right” decision for them. Being able to personalize our advice based on all these considerations is very rewarding.

Specialties and Awards

2019 Arlington Magazine Winner Best
Financial Planner; 2018 Washingtonian
magazine Top Wealth Advisors list; 2018 Northern Virginia magazine Top Financial Professionals list; 2018 Investment News Women to Watch list