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OrthoBethesda (Arlington, VA)

1635 N. George Mason Dr.,
Suite 180
(703) 567-4706

The staff, doctors and therapists of OrthoBethesda are dedicated to providing superior patient care. Their Board Certified Orthopaedic Surgeons, all fellowship-trained in their specialties, are respected for their expertise in treating problems relating to bones, joints, extremities, hands, feet and the spine. This includes arthritis as well as fractures, tendon and ligament injuries, and sports-related concerns.

OrthoBetheda’s staff recognizes that every case presents unique challenges. “No patient follows the textbook—each pathology and impairment experience differs significantly,” says Eric J. Feuchtbaum, MD. “The challenge is not just making an accurate diagnosis, but creating a personalized treatment pathway that mirrors the patient’s goals, not only from a health perspective but also from psychological and social standpoints.”

OrthoBethesda’s doctors have long been recognized as outstanding providers of specialty care. Their Physical, Occupational and Hand Therapists are all focused on spending the time necessary to bring restorative results to each patient. OrthoBethesda provides a personal setting for rehabilitation where orthopaedists can monitor patients’ progress as needed.

The staff places an emphasis on keeping up-to-date on the latest innovations in orthopaedics.  “Every year, I travel the world to visit doctors that are on the cutting edge of medicine,” says Joseph R. O’Brien, MD. “This year alone, we have implemented a new spine surgery robot as part of our utilization of the most modern spinal surgery tools.”

Andrew S. Holmes, MD, concurs. “Technology in the health space has been growing at an exponential rate since I began my career,” he says. “At the same time, surgeries that were once considered very complex are now shifted to outpatient facilities. Hospitalization time has minimized as the surgeries themselves have become less invasive.”


Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery
Adult Reconstruction