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Paul's Best Lawn Service, Inc.

2880 Hartland Road
Falls Church, VA 22043

Bio: Paul’s Best is a local, family-owned company focused on lawn rehabilitation and ongoing routine maintenance. Thorough in all aspects of our work, you simply can’t compare apples to apples in this industry and there is only one Paul’s Best. We stand behind all the work we do, and the work speaks for itself.

The Project: This job had it all: pruning, planting, cleanup, grading, lawn prep with topsoil and soil amendments, installing sod, edging, and mulching. After finding a poorly installed drainpipe, we contacted the client, properly buried the pipe and installed a pop-up emitter.

Many homeowners lump all companies in our industry as the “lawn guy with a mower and a truck,” assuming we all do the same quality work. The only difference between us is the price. Many think they can do this work as well as any company can, only needing help if they don’t have the time to do it themselves. After all, it’s just yard work, right? Wrong. Our crews are masters of their craft, who take pride in providing the highest quality service for clients who don’t accept mediocrity. Visit our website to view this 60+ hour job condensed into a 1.5 minute video and other examples of our work to see how we can help your property achieve its full potential.