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Paul’s Best Lawn Service, Inc.

2880 Hartland Road
Falls Church Virginia 22043
James Lo Monaco; Tim Lo Monaco

Italian-born Paolo, or Paul, Lo Monaco emigrated to the U.S. from Uruguay, where he was raised. He started the business on a shoestring in 1978 while driving Metro buses full time in D.C. Forty-three years later, his two sons are running the successful business he built. With some overlap, James’ domain is operations and Tim’s is administrative. 

“Quality and service are what matters,” says James. “Limiting our business to a specific geographical area helps provide the best service and scheduling to our customers.” Taking excellent care of their core base of customers has resulted in a very high renewal rate and plentiful referrals. James and Tim have streamlined many processes with updated technologically, but Paul’s Best is, above all, a face-to-face operation. 

“I look at everyone as my dad’s customers and want to make them just as satisfied as he always did,” James says. “But it’s not just me and my brother who feel that way. Our staff does an incredible job of responding to our customers and scheduling our work to suit their preferences. If the property needs to look its best for holiday or summer guests, we accommodate them.” 

Their variety of services include lawn mowing with turf care and property maintenance, such as clean-ups, weeding, edging, mulching, gutter cleaning and shrubbery pruning. Other work includes plant and sod installation, drainage and grading, and commercial snow plowing.

“A beautiful lawn is something we create that does not grow in nature,” says James. “And it all starts with the dirt. A rich, healthy base requires fewer chemicals.”

Quality and service are what matters.”