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Potomac Crescent Waldorf School

424 N. Washington St.
Alexandria Virginia 22314

Potomac Crescent Waldorf School (PCWS) provides an experiential learning environment emphasizing whole-child development and integration of arts, academics and movement. 

Early childhood programs nurture social-emotional health and foundational academic skills using natural materials, the arts, meaningful activities and immersive outdoor experiences that encourage self-directed imaginative play.

Elementary school lessons are infused with storytelling, visual arts, drama, movement and music, bringing each subject to life and guiding students to make their own connections and discoveries. Beyond knowledge and artistry offered by the rich curriculum, students develop an inner enthusiasm for learning and the capacity to be creative thinkers and joyful, lifelong learners.

Diversity and inclusivity are core principles at PCWS. The school offers pre-K through fifth grade classes with extended day options and parent-child programming for infants and toddlers.