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Protorae Law

James B. Kinsel and Brian F. Chandler, Managing Members
1921 Gallows Road, Suite 950 Tysons, VA
Tysons Virginia 22182
Practice Areas: Business/Corporate Transactions, Business Litigation, Intellectual Property, Employment Law, Government Contracts, Trusts & Estates, and Family Law/Domestic Relations

Q: What does Protorae mean?

A: We have been asked this question many times by our friends and clients. Translated simply, Protorae means strength through relationships. We devised the word to help brand our firm’s culture of teamwork and relationships. For the more curious, in Latin “pro” means “on behalf of,” and “ae” is Latin for “as a result of” or “because of.” Together, these bookend the Celtic word “tor” that means “weathered rock.” Thus, in understanding strength through relationships, “tor” or weathered rock provides the strength, “pro” signifies the relationship of lawyers advancing interests on behalf of their clients, and “ae” confirms that the strength is the result of the lawyer-client relationship.

Q: What can clients working with Protorae Law expect?

A: We aspire to achieve a law firm’s highest calling: to be our clients’ trusted advisor in navigating today’s legal environment. Clients can expect to receive guidance from our attorneys on their difficult and complex legal problems. Our attorneys have deep and focused experience in their practice areas to provide these answers. We welcome the chance to speak with you.

Q: How do your fee structures meet your clients’ needs?

A: Having confidence in not just your attorney’s advice but also in the fees being incurred in rendering that advice is important to the attorney-client relationship. We at Protorae Law look to the nature of each matter to determine whether an hourly rate or an alternative billing fee structure is more appropriate. We work with our clients to help manage their costs and objectives.