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Red House Architects

Robert Braddock
1612 N. Fillmore St.
Arlington Virginia 22201

How does your background in art benefit your clients?
As a life-long artist, I typically begin my client interaction with paper and pencil, quickly sketching out my 3-D vision of the customer’s verbal description of their dream. I believe that the most important design elements of a space are size, proportion and flow. These have to respond to a homeowner’s lifestyle correctly before anything like surfaces, colors, trims, textures, finishes or appliances matter. These things cannot be communicated on home TV shows or magazines. There, you only get the eye candy.
Because Red House Architects is a full-service architecture firm that specializes in residential design, from additions and renovations to complete new homes, and even landscapes, we can offer our clients a wide variety of services. The challenge is that each project is unique, so the solution is unique. But that’s what makes the work exciting and intriguing. These unique solutions may be large or small—sometimes a minor change to space and flow can make a very large difference. This is especially true in kitchens, where flow is everything.

How does establishing a relationship with your clients allow you to better serve their needs?
By getting to know my clients before undertaking a project, I am able to recognize their individualized requirements. My homeowners typically want to add space because of a growing family. What’s really happening is their needs and lifestyle are changing, and their house needs to change to respond to that.
And in the end, our clients’ satisfaction is my number one priority. I love it when a homeowner tells me that their new home/addition/remodel is wonderful and fits perfectly with their lifestyle. And when I can drive down the street and show my family a finished project that I designed, that’s when I am proudest.

We specialize in harmonious and complementary work that blends seamlessly and proportionally with
your existing home.