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Red House Architects

Robert T. Braddock, AIA Principal
1612 N. Fillmore St.
Arlington Virginia 22201


Red House Architects was founded in the Clarendon neighborhood of Arlington by Robert Braddock. After many years in architecture, he took the opportunity to start his own firm. Braddock combines a personal understanding of traditional Arlington homes (and homeowners!), with a strong sense for order and harmony in design.

Red House Architects 2The project:

Northern Virginia has an overabundance of brick homes that took their design inspiration from the physical shape of the brick. This particular home was one example – set in a neighborhood of mostly the same home, repeated. Our homeowners needed more space for themselves, their growing teenagers and their lovely dog, Sadie. But, more important, they needed something to improve the character of the façade and reflect their own personal vision of home. We opened up space for a kitchen / great room; expanded a master bedroom into a full suite; gave them a patio designed for entertaining; and remodeled the entry. But the real success was in reinventing the image of the home by adding depth and changing the proportions. Contact us if you would like to see what your home could become.