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Rob Zimmermann

Zimmermann Homes
Falls Church Virginia 22046

In 2006, at the peak of the market, then-23-year-old Rob Zimmermann pursued what he thought was a sure-fire get-rich-quick plan. Buy property, build a house and sell it for a sizable profit to fund moving to Costa Rica to live the easy life. During construction, however, a twist of fate turned what could have been a disaster into a rewarding career: The market crashed, sending real estate prices tumbling, and forcing a drastic change of plan.

With a hopeful vision, Zimmermann decided to rent the house and showcase it as a model home for his new business, Zimmermann Homes. Eleven years later, the company has evolved into a reputable custom home builder and developer. Zimmermann says, “It’s humbling looking back at the journey to get here. I’m proud to be part of a team and company that was built from nothing, one referral at a time. We’re grateful to all of our clients along the way and we’ve taken pride in building each house as if it were our own.”

The one-stop-shop company guides clients through lot acquisition, home design and provides selection assistance with a professional interior designer. “Our lead project manager, Jim, is a true artist at his trade,” says Zimmermann, who ensures all new homes are built to a high standard. In addition, Rob’s wife Meghan has her real estate license, which helps to simplify the purchasing process.

Personally passionate about building innovative, energy efficient homes, Zimmermann believes every new home should incorporate useful home automation features, push green building practices and work toward energy independence. As an example, Zimmermann is proud to include solar panels as an option on every new home.