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St. Luke Catholic School

7005 Georgetown Pike
McLean Virginia 22101
Sunny Lake, Director of Admissions and Enrollment Management

Celebrating 60 years of success, St. Luke School has been educating children since 1962. Its large campus, with a 38,000 square-foot building, has 20 acres that include a playground, basketball court and large sports fields.

What sets St. Luke apart, in addition to preparation for Catholic sacraments, are the many diverse learning programs and resources that are tailored to each of its 250 students, pre-K through 8th grade. Three full-time resource teachers help with various learning differences.

Set up for success, the modern classrooms feature wobble chairs, plus moveable, standing desks for the fidgeter in all of us. Organically shaped tables have replaced traditional desks. Every classroom has smart boards for interactive learning. Developed by education consultants who are experts in the field of growth mindset, St. Luke has implemented a rotating schedule. If a student finds first period math challenging, no worries, it will only be first period once a week.  

Creativity and imagination flourish in the Fun Bot Lab, where students have Tinkercad, which is used for 3-D printing, along with iPads and Chromebooks. Middle school electives, which students enjoy choosing, include options such as the journalism club, theater, weightlifting, coding, “Shark Tank,” peer tutoring, art theory and Math Counts. A dedicated extended day staff oversees extracurricular sports such as soccer, basketball and tennis.

Throughout the year, field trips take advantage of what our nation’s capital has to offer. Beyond D.C., classes have traveled to the Baltimore Science Center and the Science Museum of Virginia in Richmond, where a class watched a heart dissection.

Many diverse learning programs and resources are tailored to each of its 250 students.”