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Surbhi Chandna, DMD

Radiant Smiles
3801 N. Fairfax Drive, Suite 25
Arlington Virginia 22203

Q: What makes you different from other dentists? 

Q: Part of providing the best dental care is recognizing when a procedure or treatment is unnecessary. Good dental care isn’t just filling every cavity and over-treating every issue. I think my patients would agree that my conservative approach and effort to preserve tooth structure makes me different from other dentists. I value educating my patients about the importance of dental hygiene and how to best care for and maintain their oral health, helping them avoid more aggressive and unnecessary treatments and procedures. 

Q: How would your patients describe you?

A: I am careful, compassionate and detail-oriented. I believe in involving my patients in their treatment planning and will transparently address costs, risks and benefits. I never pressure patients to do something they’re not comfortable with.