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The Country Day School

6418 Georgetown Pike
McLean Virginia 22101

The Country Day School staff knows a positive preschool experience lays the foundation for later academic and social success. According to Harvard University’s Center on the Developing Child, in the first few years of life, more than one million new neural connections are formed every second. Therefore, early child development has long-lasting implications. In 1988, The Country Day School, which was founded in 1964, became one of the first Virginia preschools to achieve National Association of Education for Young Children accreditation. Twenty percent of the staff has been at Country Day for 30 years. With a curriculum built over decades, it’s consistently at the forefront of early childhood education, providing a safe and cognitively stimulating environment to nurture all aspects of development.

“We are a community and it’s comforting to our many returning families to know the place where they started their education is still here and their children can enjoy the play areas they once did,” says Head of School Diane Dunne. “Alumni always speak of Country Day as a place where their love of learning started.”

The educational program at Country Day, which begins with parent-child classes and continues through kindergarten, is predicated on hands-on learning and exploration. There is much for children to explore on the school’s historical four-acre property, including nine playgrounds specifically designed for child development, a library, science room, art studio and training pool used daily during the summer camp program.

With increasing evidence that children learn best through play—building their own understanding of the world around them by experimenting, observing and interacting with other children and adults—Country Day students spend much of their time outdoors, using nature as a learning tool.