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The Face of A Healthy Dental Lifestyle

Manisha Grover, DDS | Clarendon Dental Arts
703-525 5901

For over 20 years, CDA has been treating your mouth as the gateway to body and overall wellness. “We empower patients to incorporate dentistry into their overall health,” says Dr. Grover. “Breaking through the traditional ‘patch and fix’ model, we adopted a ‘Mouth, Mind, and Body’ philosophy tailored to individual treatment needs. Rather than just addressing issues as they arise, we treat the root cause—not just symptoms.”

Eating habits, health challenges, breathing patterns, alignment and family history are assessed to identify risks and modify oral health before disease processes occur. The team is trained in the “All of You” health and wellness assessment, discovering health risks with sleep and breathing disorders from issues with oral cavity and jaw development. “What we learn can be lifechanging and lifesaving.”