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The Face of Academic and Executive Function Coaching

Wendy Weinberger, President & COO | Illuminos

Wendy Weinberger is co-founder and president of Illuminos, a premier academic coaching and tutoring company supporting students struggling with executive functioning skills. In her words, “We don’t just teach students what to learn–we teach them how to learn.”

A mom of five, Georgetown Law graduate, and former general counsel and COO, Weinberger grew up with close family members who were managing learning differences. She left her thriving legal career to expand her cousin’s successful Texas-based academic coaching and executive function program to the D.C. Metro region.

Wendy’s intellect, empathy and nurturing spirit are woven into the fabric of Illuminos. Illuminos’ approach is unique, individualized and holistic. Their expert coaches work one-on-one with students, teaching critical foundational skills such as organization, time management and communication, while supporting subject-matter needs.