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The Face of Community Banking

Jim Wilmot, Chief Lending Officer; Katherine Magruder, Director of Real Estate; Karen Rosales, CEO; Reyes Gonzalez, Commercial Banking Manager; Amy Thomas, Chief of Staff
The Arlington Community Federal Credit Union Team

You likely recognize these faces. This team is everywhere. Their mission is to financially empower their members, but their positive impact in the community goes well beyond their membership. They are active Arlington Chamber members that support and empower local businesses. They help APS students run their own in-school branches to learn the importance of saving. They partner with local nonprofits to enhance the good they do in the county.

If there’s a way to shout out loud their love of Arlington, they’re doing it.

ACFCU is local banking at its best. The staff understands the unique benefits and challenges of living and owning a business here, and they are ready to support you in both. They’re with you every step of your financial journey.