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The Face of Design Build

Michael Sauri | TriVistaUSA Design + Build

Michael and TriVistaUSA Design + Build have thrived for over 15 years in the competitive Arlington design/build market. How? “Creative solutions, rooted in resource-efficient building techniques with an understanding of zoning regulations—all while having fun,” says Sauri. “Best of all? We do cool projects for cool people.”

Clients often mention that he asks more questions than other remodelers. “There’s no end to answers that can inform a remodel: What do you eat for dinner? What are your children’s names? Where do you like to vacation? When you understand your clients better, you end up doing better work for them,” he says.

Widely recognized for his expertise, he is a sought-after speaker, NARI chapter board member, and valued business advisor to other companies in the U.S. and Canada.