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The Face of Design Build

Michael Sauri | TriVistaUSA Design/Build

TriVistaUSA designs start with a “charrette,” an event whereby every team member contributes design solutions after hearing the client’s needs and opportunities. It’s an extremely collaborative, creative experience where a variety of ideas emerge. That’s just one of the refined design/build processes TriVistaUSA offers homeowner clients today as the company has grown.

Michael Sauri says, “As a result, we often get several versions of what we can do with your house. We leave no option unturned, which ultimately allows the client to choose something unique and wonderful every time.”

Owners Michael and Deborah Sauri both come from artistic backgrounds; their unique remodeling processes are a direct reflection of that mindset. Because their unique solutions give Arlington area homeowners that one-and-only wow factor, they’re Arlington’s Best Remodeler for 2018.