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The Face of Evidence-Based Education

The Linder Academy
Photo (left to right): Jordan Armstrong, Kristin Carpenter and Amber Sullivan

The Linder Academy has had a big impact on the local education scene. As Carpenter explains, “We have an inclusive population of students that is about 1/3 typically developing, 1/3 with a developmental or learning disability, and 1/3 that are gifted or twice exceptional. Because we cohort based on skill level, we can have a fourth grader taking Algebra I but working on second-grade writing skills.”

Schools have operated in the silo of education for too long, with serious delays incorporating research from other fields. To design an exceptional program requires knowledge of cognitive neuroscience, developmental psychology, education, literacy and numeracy. Staff specialists allow Linder Academy to reflect current knowledge about educating kids and developing enthusiastic lifelong learners.

The Linder Academy has campuses in both Old Town Alexandria and McLean.