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The Face of Bunion Surgery

Steven Neufeld, MD | Orthopaedic Foot & Ankle Center, Centers for Advanced Orthopaedics (CAO)

An orthopedic specialist who has worked in the area for 22 years, Dr. Neufeld is a board-certified foot and ankle expert, and the most experienced surgeon in the area performing minimally invasive bunion corrections. He focuses his practice on this procedure. He has published the first US-based study on minimally invasive bunion surgery and chairs an annual international course on minimally invasive foot and ankle surgery.

Dr. Neufeld’s techniques offer smaller incisions, less pain and faster recoveries. They reduce scarring and swelling and can be done without general anesthesia. Named a “Top Doc” in Washingtonian and other major publications, he is the go-to specialist for minimally invasive foot, ankle and bunion surgery. “It’s a game-changer for my patients with no cast or crutches needed, and they are walking and driving right away.”