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The Face of Land Use & Zoning Law

Walsh, Colucci, Lubeley & Walsh, P.C.

This land use and zoning team looks toward the future, closely watching for potential development and positioning themselves to assist clients in maximizing investments. They prepare and advocate their clients’ applications before local governments, and work with stakeholders on incorporating development projects, new businesses, and unique uses into the local neighborhood. 

Zoning cases vary from drive-through restaurants to Fortune 500 headquarters. Almost all projects involve understanding community concerns, environmental sustainability, and historic preservation issues.

Attorneys and planners spend their entire business careers in Northern Virginia and are deeply involved in the communities that make up the fabric of our region. Established and proven relationships with city, town and county authorities, coupled with an intimate knowledge of the region, make them the Face of Land Use and Zoning Law in Virginia.

Land Use & Zoning: Lynne J. Strobel, Shareholder; M. Catharine Puskar, Shareholder; Andrew A. Painter, Shareholder; Robert D. Brant, Shareholder; Nicholas V. Cumings, Shareholder; Kathryn R. Taylor, Associate; Lauren G. Riley, Associate; Melissa Mahan, Associate; Bernard S. Suchicital, Land Use Planner; Kristen Walentisch, Land Use Planner; Kelly A. Posusney, AICP, Land Use Planner

Real Estate Transactions: Thomas J. Colucci, Founding Shareholder; H. Mark Goetzman, Managing Shareholder; Kathleen Harney Smith, Shareholder; Michael R. Kieffer, Shareholder; Antonia E. Miller, Shareholder; Timothy J. Clewell, Associate; Susan L. Truskey, Associate; Blake T. Browning, Associate; Emily Stubblefield, Associate