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The Face of Lighting

Matthew Rowan, VP of Residential Lighting at Dominion Lighting A Division of Dominion Electric Supply Company, Inc.

Matt Rowan isn’t just focused on lighting fixtures. His industrial design training means he looks at your entire experience at home—and how light shapes it. To help demonstrate this holistic approach, Matt and his team completely re-envisioned what a lighting showroom could be and created a new brand: Dominion Lighting. “We’re selling an experience, demonstrating our deep expertise, and creating a partnership to guide our clientele through what would normally be an overwhelming process,” says Rowan. “In minutes, I can demonstrate great lighting design, color, smart controls, and what cutting-edge LED technology can do. It’s amazing to watch a client’s initial anxiety about their project transform into excitement about the possibilities.”

The showroom and team have already won several industry and design awards, including “2021 Showroom of the Year,” “Designer’s Choice,” “Best of DC” and “Best Environment Designed for Retail.”