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The Face of Montessori Education

Jad Touma and Denise Touma | Children’s House Montessori School

Children’s House Montessori School (CHMS) believes the keys to a successful preschool experience are collaboration between educators and parents and a supportive school community. CHMS’s staff creates a caring, fun, stimulating and safe educational environment drawing on Montessori-certified training, classroom experience and a commitment to professional growth.

Toddlers are introduced to life skills—showing empathy, practicing grace and courtesy, and learning to participate in a classroom community. 

Preschoolers practice life skills that guide social and emotional growth. They simultaneously develop a strong academic foundation in language, reading, writing, arithmetic and art using hands-on materials.

Students graduate prepared to excel as they continue their education. CHMS welcomes a new generation of leadership that carries on its commitment to nurture a love of learning.